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Grant Writing

Are you looking for a winning grant proposal? Creative Funding Solutions, Inc. writes winning grant proposals to seek funding from government agencies, foundations, corporations, or nonprofit organizations. Our grant proposals provide detailed information about a project or program for which funding is sought and make a case for why the project is worthy of financial support. Creative Funding Solutions Inc., only writes original grant proposals. We never copy or edit other proposals. Unlike competitors, we begin with a blank document and then produce a well-written, persuasive, and tailored business case for why funders should give your organization the money. We tailor your grant proposal specifically to your organization’s mission and purpose and then to the requirements and priorities of the funding organization.

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Grant Research

Why do you do what you do? Creative Funding Solutions, Inc. offers an organizational environment and current community conditions research focused on the complete end-to-end identification of gaps in services aligned with potential funding opportunities. We align grant proposals to the Request For Proposals issued by government agencies, foundations, corporations, and other philanthropists. We know that funders typically will not fund duplications of services within the same region. We know how to write winning grant proposals focused on thoroughly investigating and evaluating community service need gaps. Then we describe how our client’s proposed project is uniquely qualified and ready to close those gaps.

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Grant Writer Coaching

Want to do it yourself? Great! Creative Funding Solutions, Inc. offers more than grant writer training. We create million-dollar grant writers! Our grant writer coaching targets individuals involved in the grant-seeking process, including nonprofit professionals, researchers, educators, and others responsible for developing and submitting grant proposals. We offer coaching in the format that works best for our trainees. Creative Funding Solutions Inc., grant writer coaching is available face-to-face, in group workshops, online courses, webinars, conferences, or self-paced learning modules.

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Nonprofit Application Packaging

Need a 501(c)(3) designation letter? Creative Funding Solutions, Inc. knows a million-dollar grant begins with a strong competitive nonprofit applicant. We help you build your organization’s fundability by covering you from beginning to end during the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) nonprofit application process. We understand that applying for nonprofit status can be complex. It’s also hard work! But we were trained by the IRS to prepare applications that meet their guidelines and expectations. The evidence is that Creative Funding Solutions, Inc. has helped more than 30 new organizations secure 501(c)(3) status.

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Nonprofit Strategic Planning

You just got your first grant and need to know what to do next. Creative Funding Solutions Inc., will guide you step-by-step on how to implement and manage that new grant award. Our grant management process will lead your team through the required careful planning, diligent execution, and attention to detail to implement your project plan throughout the entire grant lifecycle, from pre-award preparation to post-award closeout. And management is crucial for maximizing the impact of grant funding, maintaining positive relationships with grantors, and ensuring compliance with grantor requirements. We meet your project where it is, get it back on track, then help you cross that finish line – on time.

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Grant Writer Coaching

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Grant Writing Services

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Grant Reasearch

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Grants Management

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Capacity Building

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Community Needs Tool

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Project Management

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Becoming a Million Dollar Grant Writer: It's a Two-Way Street

Grant writing is a profound endeavor, transcending the mere act of crafting proposals. It's a journey that extends beyond us, aiming to empower individuals like you to not just seek funding but to become a Million Dollar Grant Writer—a beacon of change in the realm of aspirations and achievements.

At the core of our philosophy lies the belief that knowledge is a powerful tool, capable of transforming the trajectory of individuals and organizations alike. Grant writing, in its essence, becomes more than a service; it evolves into a transformative partnership.

Navigating the Complex Landscape: Knowledge Sharing

Grant applications often navigate intricate landscapes, where each word and nuance holds significant weight. We recognize the challenges within this realm and firmly believe in demystifying the complexities. Our commitment goes beyond providing a service; it extends to sharing the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the intricate world of grant applications.

Imagine it as a roadmap—an intricate guide that, when deciphered and understood, becomes a tool of empowerment. We aim to empower you with the insights and expertise needed to traverse this landscape with confidence. It's not just about writing; it's about equipping you with the tools to craft compelling narratives that resonate with funders.

A Partnership for Transformation

Grant writing, for us, transcends a transactional relationship. It is a partnership forged with the goal of transforming aspirations into achievements. We understand that each proposal carries the weight of dreams, ambitions, and the desire to make a positive impact.

As we embark on this journey together, our role is not merely to pen down proposals but to collaborate in sculpting visions into concrete plans. Your success is our success, and this partnership is a testament to our commitment to seeing you emerge not just as a grant recipient but as a trailblazer in your field.

Beyond Funding: A Vision for Impact

While funding is a critical aspect of grant writing, our vision extends beyond the monetary support. It's about catalyzing positive change, fostering innovation, and contributing to the greater good. Grant writing becomes a conduit for ideas that have the potential to reshape communities, advance research, and address societal challenges.

In this journey, our role is multifaceted—to guide, to mentor, and to celebrate the victories, big and small. We envision a landscape where each grant application isn't just a request for financial support but a blueprint for impactful change.

The Million Dollar Grant Writer in You

Becoming a Million Dollar Grant Writer is not just about financial success; it symbolizes influence, efficacy, and the ability to effect change on a grand scale. We are here to nurture that potential within you.

As we share the tools, techniques, and insights, envision yourself not just as an applicant but as a visionary. Let the grant proposal be your canvas, and the funding organization, your partner in creating a masterpiece of impact.

In conclusion, grant writing is a symphony—a harmonious collaboration between aspirations and resources, between dreams and their realization. It's not just about us; it's about empowering you to become a Million Dollar Grant Writer—a force for positive change in the world. Let's embark on this transformative journey together, turning aspirations into achievements, one proposal at a time.

Creative Funding Solutions, Inc.: Crafting Dreams into Proposals

In the intricate world of grant writing, Creative Funding Solutions, Inc. stands as an architect of dreams, dedicated to crafting proposals that transcend mere paperwork. Our mission goes beyond the conventional; it's about sculpting visions into impactful proposals that resonate with the hearts of funders and echo in the realms of positive change.

Beyond Words: Crafting Narratives of Impact

At Creative Funding Solutions, Inc., we understand that a proposal is more than a compilation of words; it's a narrative of impact waiting to unfold. Each project, each initiative carries the potential to catalyze change, and our role is to translate those potentials into compelling proposals.

Empowering Aspirations: A Visionary Approach

Grant writing isn't a transaction for us; it's a partnership aimed at empowering your aspirations. We strive to be more than grant writers; we aspire to be catalysts for your success, guiding you through the intricacies of grant applications and transforming your dreams into tangible proposals.

Crafting Excellence: A Symphony of Expertise

In the pursuit of crafting excellence, Creative Funding Solutions, Inc. brings forth a symphony of expertise. Our team is not just proficient in words; we are masters of the grant writing craft. From meticulous research to persuasive storytelling, every note is finely tuned to compose a masterpiece of grant proposals.

A Million Dollar Vision: Empowering Your Grant Writing Journey

Grant writing is not just about seeking financial support; it's about fostering a Million Dollar vision within you. Our commitment extends to sharing the knowledge and skills necessary for you to become a masterful grant writer. We believe in nurturing your potential to envision and secure funding for transformative projects.

Transformative Partnerships: Your Success, Our Commitment

Creative Funding Solutions, Inc. is more than a service provider; we are your partners in transformation. Your success is our commitment, and we pride ourselves on being architects who bring dreams to life. With us, it's not merely about submitting proposals; it's about co-authoring success stories.

The Art of Grant Writing: Where Dreams Take Shape

Grant writing, at Creative Funding Solutions, Inc., is an art—an artistry that transforms ideas into impactful proposals. Join us in the journey of turning visions into reality, one proposal at a time. Your dream is our canvas, and together, we'll paint a picture of positive change.

In conclusion, Creative Funding Solutions, Inc. is not just a name; it's a promise to sculpt your dreams into proposals that resonate, inspire, and secure the funding needed to make those dreams a reality. Let's embark on this transformative journey together.

"Unveiling the Art of Grant Writing: A Journey into Creative Funding Solutions"

In the intricate tapestry of securing grants, there exists an art—a delicate dance of words, strategy, and vision. "Unveiling the Art of Grant Writing: A Journey into Creative Funding Solutions Inc.," is an exploration into the profound craftsmanship that goes beyond mere proposals. It's an odyssey into the heart of Creative Funding Solutions Inc., where the art of grant writing is not just a service but a transformative journey.

Crafting Dreams, Not Just Proposals

Grant writing, at its essence, is about crafting dreams into tangible proposals. "Unveiling the Art" signifies a departure from conventional grant writing; it's an immersion into the artistry that turns ideas into impactful narratives. Creative Funding Solutions Inc., sees each proposal as a canvas—a space to weave compelling stories of change and innovation.

Empowering Visionaries: Beyond Transactional Services

The journey goes beyond transactional grant writing services; it's a commitment to empowering visionaries. In the realm of Creative Funding Solutions Inc., we understand that seeking funds is not just a process—it's a partnership. It's about understanding your aspirations, guiding your vision, and collectively transforming concepts into persuasive proposals.

Symphony of Expertise: The Artistry in Details

"Unveiling the Art" is an acknowledgment of the symphony of expertise that defines Creative Funding Solutions Inc., From meticulous research to the strategic use of language, every proposal is an art piece finely tuned to resonate with funders. It's about recognizing the nuances that make each proposal a unique masterpiece.

Becoming a Million Dollar Grant Writer: Nurturing Potential

The journey also encapsulates the vision of becoming a Million Dollar Grant Writer. Creative Funding Solutions Inc., doesn't just impart services; it shares the knowledge and skills essential for aspiring grant writers. It's about nurturing the potential within individuals to envision, create, and secure funding for projects that matter.

Transformative Narratives: From Ideas to Impact

"Unveiling the Art" represents a commitment to transformative narratives. Grant writing is not just about securing financial support; it's about contributing to positive change. Every proposal written by Creative Funding Solutions Inc., is a chapter in a larger story—a story of impact, innovation, and making dreams a reality.

Join the Journey: Where Dreams Take Form

As we unveil the art of grant writing, we invite you to join the journey. Creative Funding Solutions Inc., is not just a service provider; it's a guide, a collaborator, and an artist in the realm of grant writing. Together, let's explore the artistry that turns dreams into proposals and proposals into reality.

"Unveiling the Art of Grant Writing" is an open invitation—a call to embark on a journey where creativity meets strategy, vision meets execution, and aspirations find their voice. Join us in this exploration, and let's craft impactful narratives together.

C.W. Gibbs

"The Johnson are great people to work with. They know how to get thing done. The Johnson are outstanding business people keep up the good work."

Leon Webster

"Jennie has exceptional knowledge of funding processes which allows her clients to avoid the pitfalls that can delay funding."

Michael Evans

"Jennie is a consummate professional, very detailed oriented, and passionate about delivering the very best results for her clients."

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