Jennie Larry Johnson, Chief Executive Officer, is a learning and performance solutions architect with over 35 years of performance improvement, quality control, and project management experience. Jennie earned a Master of Science degree from Toulouse Graduate School and her Bachelor’s degree in Applied Technology and Performance Improvement from the University of North Texas, a Tier 1 research institution.

Jennie is a seasoned technical writer with experience in banking, finance, government relations, quality control and project management. Jennie was selected as an Honorary Chairperson of the National Small Business Advisory Council in 2005 and as a member of the Public Service Research Panel Project in 2012. Jennie was invited by the White Houston Business Council Forum to join the Small Business Majority, a national nonprofit advocacy organization focused on solving the biggest problems facing America’s 28 million small businesses.

Jennie is also Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels of Training Evaluation Bronze-Certified training evaluation consultant and completed the Versatile Project Management Company’s “Fast Forward MBA” Program, the University of North Texas as a Job Coach and Job Skills Trainer certification and former Wendy Kennedy Institute So what? Who cares? Why you? ™ certification programs. Jennie completed Quality Management International, Inc.’s ISO: 9000 programs in 2005 and was a provisionally certified Quality Management Systems Lead Auditor. Jennie graduated from Leadership Houston’s Class XXV and served on the Texas Obesity Research Center’s Community Advisory Board for several years. She currently serves on GuideStar’s Advisory Panel.